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Augmented Reality with examples (photos – videos)

By Vangelis Papoulias

Augmented Reality is a new technology that allows digital information to be shown in a physical real-world enviroment. For example, inside your house you can see extra data, like a 3D dinosaur moving on your table (check livebooks.gr), a video in the wall, a digital book (check flyerbook project), sound (voice and music) etc. In conjunction with GPS it shows information on physical elements, for example cultural monuments, hotels etc.

You can do this from your computer (displayed at the screen or television), from portable devices (smartphones/tablets) or with the special glasses.

a) Augmented reality in computers

If you connect a camera to your computer, it receives live image and sound, and transfers them to a screen or a TV. Computer adds some extra data at the image that you can see in the screen.

Example: Bitar Labs, placed a camera, a computer and a TV in a window of a shop, during a project. Kids could see themselves next to a dancing Santa Clause and his reindeer! The result was a store full of people, kids and their parents!

επαυξημένη πραγματικότητα σε βιτρίνα καταστήματος

b) Augmented reality in portable devices (smartphones / tablets)

In this case, portable devices do everything, as long as they have camera, computer and screen. Cameras receives and transfers the image of the place in the screen, while the device projects the extra data.
Example 1: Bitar Labs made a book for children, entitled “Dinos is walking with dinosaurs”. Kids read the printed book, like every other book. Then they open the app which comes with the book, in the portable device, and the camera opens automatically. They scan a page of the book and see the specific dinosaur, “alive” on the book, in 3D, with motion and sound. They can go around the book and see the dinosaur from all sides. If you turn the page, the device recognizes and projects the next dinosaur.

There is an extra function in the cover of the book. Children can scan it with their device and take a picture with their favorite dinosaur!
βιβλίο επαυξημένης πραγματικότηταςστην έκθεση βιβλίου


Example 2: Flyerbook project, by bitar. It is an app for companies. It can transform a flyer in the whole catalog of products/services. In addition, there are extra functions like 3D objects, music, voiceover, virtual reality etc.

c) Augmented reality with special glasses.

This technology is going to boom in the next years. Glasses are very popular in large companies, especially those who deal with computer science. Those glasses are special devices with screens or projectors. They may also have extra sensors, like gyroscope, etc.

augmented reality glasses

Those glasses will have (for start) two categories. Augmented reality glasses and virtual reality glasses. In this article we will focus on augmented reality glasses, as long as we are going to discuss virtual reality in another article.

Wearing the augmented reality glasses at first, it seems like you have some ordinary glasses. But their computing devices can recognize some specific elements of the place. Based on these elements, glasses calculate the place that the extra digital data will be shown. Furthermore, there are special, low budget makings (from plastic or cardboard). Those makings can connect with smartphones and some special optical lens that are close to the actual augmented reality glasses.

In bitar, we have been specialized in the development of augmented reality apps and we can offer you the best choices!


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