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A Unique innovation

for your company!

Flyerbook is a unique app that turns your company’s flyer, into a wonderful, multi-page catalogue with your products or services! At the same time it “builds” a network of devoted customers to whom you can address completely free, whenever you want, through their mobile phones or portable devices!

Fire-up your sales!

Create new devoted customers…

Flyerbook is the most impressive and efficient app for mobile devices that your company could have. We can adjust it according to your demands and due to its impressive innovation you can send offers and newsletters, totally free, in mobile phones and portable devices of those who are interested in your products or services.

How it works

for companies

number1Send us your flyer and your catalogue, digital. We will develop 2 apps, both for Android and iOS and we will publish them in Play store and App store

number2You can print as many brochures as you wish, whenever you want and distribute those, using traditional ways. The more flyers you distribute the more installments you have, which means a bigger public to inform about your products or services

number3Customers who get the flyer, install your app in order to turn it to a multi-page catalogue and to receive your exclusive offers that you will send!

number4Finally, through the platform that comes with your apps, you can send free Push Notifications in the mobile devices of your potential customers.

How it works

for your clients

number1The user gets the flyer which promotes the installation of your company’s app, in order to see your products and services, and to get informed of your “exclusive” offers in an impressive way

number2Once the app is installed and launched, the back camera of the mobile device starts to work right away. The user gets the device over the flyer and it turns into your catalogue in a second, so the user can see it through his mobile device

number3The user can browse the catalogue like a real one! Not only this, but if they know that they can get exclusive offers they will choose not to uninstall you app


and benefits for your company

It improves the company’s image due to its innovation that the users haven’t seen anywhere else
It gives you the opportunity to create your own network in which you can promote your company. You can send, totally free and whenever you want, push notifications with a link in mobiles phones and portable devices of the users that have installed your app
Quick investment pay back

It reduces your printing cost The customers get only one flyer that turns into a multi-page catalogue.
You are taking advantage of a corporate activity you have already paid (flyer distribution), in order to increase customers’ devotion, improve the communication with your audience and boom your sales
It improves your web-site traffic.

How it costs?

The cost of developing two apps (iOS and Android) starts form 1690 euros. There are also functions and services that their cost depends on the complexity.

If you will need to change your flyer or/and your catalogue, it costs 290 euro

There are no added monthly or annual expenses. Your apps will be published forever.


  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Apps published in Google Play and App Store
  • Embedded Push Notifications Server

Frequently Asked Questions

We need them in pdf, but if you have it in another format, we will convert it for you, without extra cost.

There are no needed specifications for catalogues. Every catalogue can work, if it is up to 48 pages. Although, if your catalogue is larger, contact us to arrange it.
The brochure must have lots of color contrasts. However, if it is needed we can add some more elements to make it more efficient.

You can change the brochure. The new brochure will be in the app, without losing the old one and of course without lose the users that have already downloaded your app. In total you can have 3 different brochures at the same time. Those brochures can reflect the same or different catalogues. We should notice here that the size of the app is limited (100 MB) but this is different in any case and we can solve it upon request.
Changing the brochure will cost you 290 euros at a single time.

You can change your catalogue without lose the users that have already downloaded the app. Users will automate see the new catalogue, as long as their devices will update the app (most devices make the updates automatically).
Changing the catalogue will cost you 290 euros (taxes not included) in a single time.

If you want your logos, we can add them to the app.

There are plenty of other functions that can be attached to your app. You can attach 3D objects, music, voiceover and the technology of virtual reality. With this technology, users can see your places “in a virtual way”. Feel free to contact us if you want further information about the extra functions.

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